5 Must See Places in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a small coastal city but jam-packed with a lot of things to see and experience. A hotspot of culture and history, and is said to be the “White City that Never Sleeps” because of the vibrant nightlife and more. Read the 5 things to include in your itinerary when visiting Israel’s second city, Tel Aviv.


We can’t pinpoint one since there is an 8 mile beach strip down the west side of the city, and anywhere is just simply a sweet spot for you, but there are the famous ones like, Gordon Beach or Metzizim Beach. But, really, anywhere you set your foot on that sandy shore is just plain cool. There are also beaches here that are really LGBT friendly so wear those Pride colors proudly.


Tel Aviv Promenade is the most famous place for both tourists and locals, and who could blame them because this is the best place to breathe in the Mediterranean breeze. It’s a quick easy access to the beach or a good spot to read a book while sipping coffee in one of the quaint cafes. It’s definitely a good place to just chill and hear the crashing waves.


The largest and not to mention the busiest of all Tel Aviv Markets, Carmel Market is a good place to hunt for fresh product and cheap bargains. Going in and out of the colorful stalls dotting the market area is such a nice experience with vendors serenading you with their products and prices. It’s a bustling open air market where you can buy all your supplies before heading out to the beach.


They would always say “old but gold” and this sums up one of the oldest port cities in the world, the Old Jaffa City. Your trip to Tel Aviv wouldn’t be complete without a quick tour here. Grab souvenirs from the flea markets in the city and satiate your taste buds in the many delicious street foods. The ancient clock tower is a must see, together with dozens of stunning mosques and churches mixed with modern restaurants, shopping centers and trendy bars.


“White City” is one of the more famous nicknames of Tel Aviv and for a reason. The pearly white Bauhaus architecture lining up the neighborhood is such an eye candy for the design and architectural geeks. This kind of architecture was brought to Tel Aviv by German Jewish immigrants and is famous for its geometric and minimalist design.

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Top spa treatments for your body and soul

Who does not love a good spa treatment which will rejuvenate your body and soul? There are many spa treatments which can relax your mind from a busy routine. These treatments will make you healthier and relaxed. One of the most widespread spa treatment is full body massage and It is there for both males and females for many of years. The best thing about spa treatments is that they have a lot of benefits for you. Here, we are going to shed some light on top spa treatments for your body and soul. You can also try facials, salt glows as well as body wraps to feel fresh.

Now, there are many spas which are offering additional services to their customers. You can enjoy hair styling, make up, coloring as well as pedicures and manicures with spa treatments. There are many other service which you can expect to get in spa. Here we are highlighting some of them.

Body massages:

There are many types of massages offered in spas these days. The popular massages these days are the Swedish massage; and a tissue massage.

In a Swedish massage your body will be covered in firm strokes, nevertheless these strokes are not much focused. On the other hand, a deep tissue massage will make your body relaxed by working on your tight tissues. It will apply a firm pressure on your body parts. Many professionals such as the team at roofing Edmonton go for regular deep tissue massages to ensure they prevent injuries in this physically demanding profession. You can also get a hot stone body massage which uses smooth, basalt stones to provide comfort to your body.


Facials are another popular treatment which you can enjoy in spas. There are so many choices available in facial massages. You can book the anti – aging facial, a European facial or else a deep cleansing facial. These facials will clean, exfoliate, massage and mask your skin. After these massages, you will feel fresh throughout your day. On the other hand, you can also ask the experts to suggest the right facial for your skin.

Body treatments:

You can also treat your body at your home, but if you want to have a thorough, relaxing as well as effective treatment, then you must visit a spa. These treatments will remove the dead skin from your body. In addition to that, it will lose the inner cells present in your body. A good spa will make sure that additional hydrating factor is added to your body. Sometimes, they treat the clients with detoxifying agents. In these treatments, your body will be wrapped and warmed for at least 20 minutes. It will sooth your body. You can also enjoy a sauna, steam bath or hot tub before your body treatment begins.

Other spa programs:

You can also reserve spa treatments with your partner. There are many therapies which are designed to bring equilibrium to your mind. These therapies are inspired by ancient traditions and customs. Now a days, digital devices are also used to ease the stress and strain of the body. There are many effective methods to satisfy the customers.

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What Men Can Expect in the Spa

Everyone particularly men find it difficult to visit a spa for the first time. Apart from being seen as something for the ladies thing, it can also seem like a luxury which any man can do without. This is a result of ignorance on how much enjoyment and relaxation you can get from a spa experience.

Spas these days are built to suit the needs of both men and women. With an increase in the number of male-specific spas being opened, it shows that more men are beginning to realize the significance of spas.

The following are what men can do and expect in the spa, they include;

Get there well before your appointment
Having a little time to yourself before your treatment session is a great way to get comfortable and overcome your anxiety. Arriving 20 – 30 minutes early is good enough. The pressure of having to meet up with your treatment session can make the body tense and may result in an unpleasant experience. Most spas are usually equipped with a relax room for these situations.

Make use of the shower before you go for your treatment
A therapist will always cherish one with good hygiene. Spas are usually equipped with facilities for you to get a shower, and this makes it easy for you to wash up and be free of dirt. This a good reason to be early on arrival. A good advice is to obtain a robe your size before making use of the shower.

Ask Questions
The therapist assigned to you is there to see to your well-being and comfort. Don’t hold back if you have doubts. A lot of men tend to avoid asking questions according to therapists. Ask as many questions as it relates to areas of your treatment that bother you or post treatment.

Expect to Switch Off your mobile phone
The best way to enjoy your time in a spa is without distractions from your phone. Enjoy this period by turning it off and get as much pleasure from your free time.

Use the bathroom before your treatment
It is a good thing to make use of the bathroom before your treatment begins as getting up during treatment usually shortens your time.

Expect to take off your clothes
An area of concern for every first timer is having to deduce how much of their clothes they need to take off. Stripping down to your underwear is acceptable, but if you feel like it, you can take off all your clothes. Sheets are usually prepared for you on the massage table if you need covering.

A little oil should be expected
Oil is usually applied to ease the motion of the hand over the body at first. The amount of oil used usually varies depending on how experienced your therapist is. Anybody visiting a spa for the first time will likely want to know how much oil will be applied. To prevent the need for a shower after treatment, the amount of oil is usually limited to what the skin can absorb. You can also ask for a cream to be used as these are more easily absorbed.

Expect to feel relaxed
A good advice is to avoid getting intimate with your therapist and just focus on alleviating your stress.It has been observed that there is a variation in how the body reacts to a massage among different people.It is possible just to fall asleep while you enjoy a great form of relaxation.

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Day Spas Aren’t Just for Men

As a guy, one of the places that you are least most likely to locate your friends is a day spa. But have you ever thought about going on your own? If you haven’t, it is about time that you at the very least considered it. Despite exactly what you might believe or may have listened to, day spas provide a wide range of solutions that are ideal for males.

Not Simply for Ladies
Although guys and day spas aren’t always two things that go together, they should be. You might in fact be surprised the number of males that do go to day spas. As it was previously specified, spas aren’t simply for females. As a matter of fact, some day spas have services and plans that are designed just for men.

A Large Range of Options
As specified, there are some spas that have unique treatments and packages that are designed for males. Also, if your local day spa does not, they still can provide you with service. Regrettably, when lots of guys think of spa, they often envision a number of women being in a place getting their hair and nails done, surrounded by candles. This isn’t really what a day spa is actually about. Just a few of the numerous options readily available consist of hand and foot treatments, which typically deal with dry, rough, and cracked skin. Other options for men include massages, body wraps, facials, and hair removal.

For a bigger series of options, check out spas that function as day spas and beauty salons. There, you can not only appreciate a relaxing massage, but additionally get a brand-new haircut.

Can Do Wonders for Your Body
Do you work full-time? If so, just what do you do? Whether you work in construction, or sit in a workplace all day long, your body could be quietly suffering. Those in construction, or various other similar professions, commonly have bad hands and feet. As previously stated, a hand and foot massage could help to soothe dry, broken, and harsh skin. If you select these two treatments, your hands and feet will certainly thank you. Body wraps could additionally assist to make you feel healthy and young once more.

Attractive Females
If you have ever gazed inside a beauty parlor or a spa, you could have seen the lovely females inside. A number of these women are staff members. While some guys would run and hide at the idea of a stunning, eye-catching female rubbing their feet, you could just wish to saturate all of it in. There is absolutely nothing like being with an attractive lady that is indulging you, in contrast to it being vice versa.

The goal of spa is to supply visitors with the supreme level of comfort and leisure. Whether you have a permanent job, a family, or both, this is something that you might not have the ability to enjoy somewhere else. Although day spas do vary, you will locate that the majority of them have comfy and enjoyable settings. In fact, peace and quiet is urged inside the walls of a day spa.

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Before Heading to Your Day Spa Appointment: What You Need to Know

Prior to getting a day spa treatment, it is good to tell the spa staff of any kind of illness, such as hypertension, pregnancy, etc. People that are on medication ought to consult a medical professional prior to getting spa treatments.

Several day spas provide a survey to be filled out before giving spa options to clients. The customers are encouraged in providing all the necessary information, which will certainly be useful in offering much better spa care, as well as the help needed in case of emergencies.

It is always much better to request qualifications and certificates concerning day spas, as some might have untrained and unskilled workers. One must never ever get involved in a day spa with unlicensed and uncertified workers, as it is a waste of money and time.

Taking a day spa trip in a group could be qualified for a discount. It is better to ask individuals who have actually visited a specific day spa to guarantee better quality of service. Normally the best spas offer personalized options. Hence, it is extremely important to get an ideal appointment time prior to arriving.

It’s a good idea to wear minimum jewelry, and if possible, no makeup. Additional information concerning the current spa treatments and products need to be gotten from the day spa staff to be well informed. A few day spas might include surcharges or additional taxes, so it is much better to inspect the prices beforehand.

A top quality day spa will certainly be typically run by an esthetician who has actually obtained a certificate to operate the facility. Also, skilled spa therapists are used in the day spa to perform massages and other treatments. Spa shoes and robes are provided in all sizes to deal with different customers. Lots of selections of massage treatments are offered in the day spas, like deep muscle, shiatsu, or Swedish. Besides waxing, they also give laser hair removal, heat therapy, as well as the popular pedicures and manicures.

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Mommy and Me Time: A Day Spa Trip with Your Teenager

Are you the mother of a teenage girl? No matter just how close of a connection you may have with your child, it could really feel as if you are spending way too much time apart. Incorporate your job schedule with her schoolwork, additional round activities, and her neighbors and you could wish that you can spend more time together. Well, now is the moment to act. Instead of simply just wishing, you need to make time. When it comes to what you can do, take into consideration making an appointment at a day spa.

A trip to a day spa with your teen daughter: it sounds quite amazing, does not it? After a bit of description, your little girl will likely discover the concept to be fun and interesting.

When it comes to why you must prepare a spa day with your child, there are a variety of reasons. It is best to begin with the quality time you will certainly be able to invest together. Do you understand that numerous spas are outfitted to take care of pairs and groups? The majority understand that females frequently favor going to a spa with a buddy or a loved one, like a teenage girl. This indicates that you and your daughter could both get massages, while being able to be alongside each other, interacting socially. The exact same could be said for other procedures, like body wraps, manicures or hairstyles.

An additional reason why you plan a day spa trip with your daughter is to see what she could discover. Although spa trips are usually filled with rest, leisure, and a large amount of indulging, they could likewise be a bit academic in nature. When getting a body wrap, your child could find out about the impact that chemicals have on the skin, like make-up. Your daughter could also learn new techniques, like how to deal with rough or dry spots of skin on her own.

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Popular Day Spa Treatments

Are you in need of a bit of “me” time? Would you prefer to take a few hours to escape from the real world? If so, you might wish to schedule a consultation at one of your neighborhood spa.

One of the most popular body treatments given at a spa is a massage. When it concerns massage therapy, you should understand that it can be greater than just having your body rubbed down for an hour or so. Numerous spas give you many choices. For example, some spas have what is frequently referred to as breathe easy massages. These commonly involve the use of fragrant lavender oil. Warm rocks can also be put on your face, back, tummy, or all three places. This Swedish massage is popular.

In addition to complete body massages, there are additionally those offered that specific areas, such as the scalp, the hands, feet, back, and shoulders. Salt scrubs are an additional procedure provided by spas. Salt scrubs include the use of sea salts. They will certainly scrub and cleanse the skin.

This commonly removes the dead layers of skin from the body. The end result is clean, young, and fresh looking skin. As a result of using these scrubs, this treatment frequently concentrates more on health and wellness than leisure. This is similar to doing a home renovation, in particular a painting job and scraping off the old paint to apply a new coat.

Mud wraps are another body treatment that many day spas offer. With mud wraps, you usually have the option of targeting your entire body or simply the face. A mud wrap, like the European mud mask, is related to the body. The point of a mud wrap is to cleanse, polish, moisturize, and smooth the skin. Before the procedure begins, the skin is usually scrubbed. Later on, the skin could be hydrated with a carefully chosen body butter cream.

Along with mud wraps, organic wraps are readily available. Natural body wraps entail the use of steamed towels that are twisted around the body or the targeted area. These towels are initially combined with the ideal combination of scented aromatherapy oils. Herbal wraps trigger the body to cleanse, which results in excess fluid being eliminated.

Natural moisturizing therapy are offered for those who experience constant or severe dry skin. If you do, this treatment could be excellent for you. An organic moisturizing therapy entails the application of cream, which is massaged into the body in thick layers. An herbal wrap is applied next. This results in plenty of moisture being soaked into the skin.

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How to Conduct Yourself at a Day Spa

Have you recently set up an appointment at a day spa? If so, have you been to one before? If this is your very first time going to a day spa, you may want to put in the time to acquaint yourself with some vital rules of etiquette. When you know just how you must act, you are most likely to leave delighted.

If you have yet to visit, you will want to do so. You ought to make a consultation at the very least a week ahead of time. Although there are some day spas that do accept walk-ins, you will want to prevent this method, as it can be taken as discourteous. Your walk-in appointment might have an effect on other clients, particularly when workers fall back.

When making your consultation, if you haven’t already done so, make certain to pick a hassle-free time. This is most likely to decrease your cancellation possibilities. On the same note, if you must cancel, make sure to do so as early as possible, at least 24-hour in advance. The worst thing that you can do would be to simply not show up. As a matter of fact, you could still be billed for your appointment, or you could get a no-show charge.

It is likewise vital that you make any type of special needs known beforehand. Are you hearing impaired? Do you call a wheel chair or need support walking around? Day spas must be able to accommodate you, yet notification is essential. When it comes to various other special needs, are you pregnant or breastfeeding? If so, special steps should be taken by the staff to maintain you comfort level for the entire day.

As for your spa consultation, make certain to show up promptly. Actually, you need to show up around ten to twenty minutes early. Depending upon the spa in question, you might need to fill out some forms. If you are tardy, you should be aware that your consultation could be cancelled, and moreover, you will still be responsible for paying for it.


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